Can I put my own firmware on it?

Hi Pato, I was able to install 21.02.1 in the LibreRouter without issues and it provides DHCP in the LAN port. I used the safe-upgrade upgade -n firmware.bin instructions from partition 2.

Today I had a LibreRouter with (probably) LibreRouterOS 1.4, and I used the instructions above, with new URL for the most recent stable version of OpenWrt (21.02.3). The only thing I had to change was:

ssh -o "HostkeyAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa" -o "PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa"
  • run this set of commands when I first logged in to the LR via SSH:
opkg update
opkg install libustream-mbedtls ca-bundle ca-certificates

The updated URLs are:


After the LR rebooted in OpenWrt, and I connected to it via the browser GUI Luci, it didn’t ask me for confirmation. Just in case it was necessary, I set a root password (I think this is necessary to enable SSH access?) and then logged in via SSH and ran fw_setenv stable_part 1. I don’t know if it mattered, but I did it just in case.

A little while later (I don’t remember if it was one minute or ten minutes), the router seemed to spontaneously reboot. After that it remained stable.

I had a LR with OpenWrt 21.02.3, and I just changed to LROS v1.5 using the LuCI interface. I had no problems.

For testing, I used LimeApp to change from LROS to OpenWrt 22.03rc6, and it seems to have bricked the LR. The LR boots. It does not generate a WiFi AP. When I connect via cable to the LAN port, the LR assigns an IPv6 IP to my laptop. When I set my laptop to only use IPv4, the LR does not assign an IPv4 via DHCP. The IPv6 gateway and DNS is fe80::aa40:41ff:fe1d:294f . Can you tell if this is OpenWrt, LROS, or something else?

After pressing the reset button for about 30 seconds, I waited for the LR to reset, and the behavior remained the same. I disconnected the power, so the LR turned off. I reconnected the power, the LR turned back on, and now LROS is functioning with all the settings it had.

Summary: Going from LROS to OpenWrt via LuCI did not work for me.

I added this line to the wiki part of this post:

IMPORTANT: LimeApp offers a way to upload firmware files to the LibreRouter. This only works for LibreRouterOs firmware files. The upgrade will fail if you use an OpenWrt firmware file.

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Current URL for Openwrt: safe-upgrade show
safe-upgrade version: 1.0
current partition: 2
stable partition: 2
testing partition: 0

It looks like current and stable are based on a 1-2 number scheme, and testing is based on a 0-1 number scheme. Because there aren’t three partitions, there are only two partitions.