Can it be used in my country? FCC approved?

The device has been designed in such a way to abide with the current regulatory requirements around the world.

Still, each country has its’ own certification process in order for radio communication equipment to be used.

The LibreRouter has been certified to be used in the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Colombia

There are communities already working on the certification/approval process in:

  • Brazil
  • Cuba
  • United States of America
  • European Union

If you are interested in leading this process, you definitely need:

You can also make use of how it was for other countries:

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re: United States application

May I have more information such as the contact information for the person or people or group that is trying to obtain Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) approval?

I made an assessment several months ago that seeking such approval might cost a couple of thousand dollars and possible $10,000 if there is testing or some sort of certification. That’s a lot of money and somebody needs to front it in order to get FCC approval.

I also suspect that an application for this ground-breaking project may be a target by those business interests who see it as a threat to their revenue stream (which in the United States is very high thanks to the regulatory barriers of entry). Accordingly, the FCC may take a very strict approach at the behest of “interested parties” and make the process expensive. Especially during this business friendly Trump administration where the FCC is not the friend of consumers.

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Hi John, I am part of the Altermundi team that is working on the FCC approval, along with @giudicejesica @san and @nicoechaniz. Currently, the Corona virus stops the project to obtain the FCC, it is a situation that is happening to us all over the world and we decided to take a break with the team in this regard for various reasons. We are asking for quotes and we are waiting to test some design changes in the equipment.

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Hello, I am looking to implement a project in Austria with the librerouter, so I am very interested in the EU Certification.
So maybe whoever is pursuing the EU Certification, can give me some Info on the state of the process?
I am also interested to help the process if possible.