Can the router be used in a school and extend the network into the neighbourhood?

It can certainly do!

You can use one LibreRouter in the roof of the school as a node, and wire it with network switches to each classroom putting one wireless access point in each of them.

The LibreRouter will provide essential network services to the school’s infrastructure that will make the network work out of the box, such as DHCP, DNS and captive portal services.

To the LibreRouter network you can connect local services pretty easily.

As the community starts exploring to expand the reach of the school’s network, it will connect their LibreRouters to the one at school, it will create one single network, allowing kids and the community to connect to the school’s infrastructure and services from outside.

The school can also choose to share their internet connection while they have no classes (like from 18hs to 6hs in the morning) through the network seamlessly.