Captive portal Use on LibreRouter

Dear LibreRouter Team,

Do we have any implementation on Librerouter for the captive portal to provide access to the internet to users by this?
we checked some links in which pirana portal but not getting more details on how to check and test so can anyone help us with that?

thanks in advance.
Nikunj Patel

Hi! The last release, 1.5 of LibreRouterOs has pirania integrated and working. You have to activate it through the lime-app web.

Dear SAn,

we check the release and tried but not able to understand how to use it. can you please help us if you have any demo video or document in english?


Hi @nikunj0369 you can enable Pirania by visiting “Node Configuration → Captive Portal” in the LimeApp. There you can also choose if you want to use access vouchers or not.
By default Pirania will enable a captive portal for any device connected to the wlan0-ap interface, so if you are connecting to another interface you will not be prompt with the captive portal welcome screen.
You can change this behavior and enable the captive portal for all the interfaces un-commenting the options catch_interfaces in pirania’s config, and commenting the catch_bridged_interfaces option.

More english documentation can be found here:

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