Fwsystests tesecase failed on my system

Dear SAN,
I tried to test the fwsystests on my system but found that only one “test_is_linux” test was passed.
The other 3 test cases got failed.

  1. I have download the rootfs and bzimage from below location.
    Index of /lros/releases/1.3/targets/x86/64

  2. edit run_tests file as below

PYTHONPATH=. SELENIUM_NOHEADLESS=1 QEMU_ARGS="/librerouteros-1.3-r8118+1-8fa342b289-x86-64-generic-rootfs.tar.gz /librerouteros-1.3-r8118+1-8fa342b289-x86-64-ramfs.bzImage" pytest -v

do I need to preset any serial or IP before running this test case?

Please find the logs of below snapshot of error.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Dear SAN,

Can you please help us for the above issue?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Dear All,

Anyone from the team can help me to solve the above issue because I am stuck at this point.

Thanks in advance

Hi! Sorry for the delay, I have many things at the moment.

Can I ask you why are you trying to use fwsystests? What do you want to do? Are you trying to write more integration tests?
These tests runs on a virtualized system, not with the boards, they are meant to be tests for the software of LibreRouterOs and not for the boards.

You should use the following docker image librerouter/fwsystests:1.0 to run the tests, are you using it? If you don’t use docker then some things may not work depending on the computer configuration and running services.

Dear SAN,

Thanks for your reply.

  1. Right now I am just testing your existing test case. in the future, I will update based on requirement and shared with you.

  2. I have download the rootfs and bzimage from below location.
    Index of /lros/releases/1.3/targets/x86/64

I didn’t get specific docker images of that.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Ok, you need the latest rootfs and bzimage from here https://repo.librerouter.org/lros/releases/1.4.1/targets/x86/64/

You may run the tests with something like the following:

$ export FW_RAMFS=/home/san/Downloads/librerouteros-1.4.1-r11346+1-8e43293194-x86-64-ramfs.bzImage
$ export FW_ROOTFS=/home/san/Downloads/librerouteros-1.4.1-r11346+1-8e43293194-x86-64-generic-rootfs.tar.gz 
$ docker run --rm -it --device=/dev/kvm:/dev/kvm --device=/dev/net/tun:/dev/net/tun -v$PWD:/home/runner -v$FW_ROOTFS:/home/runner/fw_rootfs -v$FW_RAMFS:/home/runner/fw_ramfs --cap-add NET_ADMIN -e PYTHONPATH=. -e QEMU_ARGS='fw_rootfs fw_ramfs' librerouter/fwsystests:1.0 pytest -vs

Here is the result in my computer:

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Dear SAN,

Thanks for your quick help. I checked using your above steps and was able to pass all 4 tests on 1.4.1 release and 2 tests on the 1.3 release.

FYI: I created docker image using the below docker file but got a test failure on that image so I just want to know if missing steps from my side.

Can you please one more help to provide the steps to generate the below images?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Yes, the image was generated using librerouter/fwsystests/-/blob/master/Dockerfiles/Dockerfile.systemtests
Try running the tests one more time, sometimes a test fails because of timing issues.

It is generated by the gitlab CI of the LibreRouterOs repository. You can see the CI steps here: .gitlab-ci.yml · librerouter-1.4 · LibreRouter / LibreRouterOs · GitLab
For the x86 images you just need to use the steps in the Readme but use this cp configs/default_config_x86_64 .config instead of the deafult_config