Pirania Observations


We have been using Pirania over the last couple of days. So I am just logging our observations and issues we faced, here.

  1. Once the Pirania is enabled, the captive portal redirection works on phones. Not on laptops (ubuntu - firefox and chromium). @rulosanti had already pointed this out in detail in a different post. the portal/auth.html does not load on the laptop, instead there is constant looping between portal and redirect pages.
  2. Local services deployed on the mesh are accessible through ip numbers - ipv4(10.x.x.x) and ipv6
  3. Local services cannot be accessed using hostnames. this is how it behaves
    • http://hostname/ - resolves to lime app
    • http://hostname.local/ - resolves to portal page
  4. we were able to access our device from internet using a vpn like service, though the device could not access internet. and also the device could access other devices on the vpn through internet.
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Thanks for all these comments @alemaree… Pirania is still a work-in-progress, so it is great that you’ve been brave enough to try it out :slight_smile:
@SAn and @luandro have been working on it, so I guess they will enjoy your comments.

I am also experiencing the redirection loop from a laptop running linux. It does work fine with phones.

Hi! Thanks for the reports!!

  1. The looping error is captured in this issue https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages/issues/694
  2. http://hostname/ should work, which version of LibreRouterOs or LibreMesh did you use? Also please try using hostname.thisnode.info (or hostname.my.network.domain if you changed the main domain configuration for the network)
  3. Please can you expand more? I did not get if that is an issue or not, what did you expect to happen and what happened?

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences :slight_smile:

There is a rework of the pirania code that is happening in this branch https://github.com/libremesh/lime-packages/tree/pirania_into_shape and that I would like to merge to the main codebase ASAP. In this version I believe that isues 1 and 3 are maybe fixed.

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Hi @mmarco welcome! :slight_smile: