POE Testing on Librerouter

Dear SAN,
I want to test the POE with Our Board in which flashed 1.3 Librerouter OS.
do I need to enable something from the software side?
do I need to take extra precautions before plugin POE Cable with Board?
Please guide us if missing anything

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Hi Nikunj, PoE works without any software support. If you have the latest megaboard (> 1.4) then verify that the PoE passthrough switch is in the OFF position (towards the LAN ports). This is the safest configuration as power coming from the DC plug or from PoE does not goes to the other LAN ports.

You must use passive PoE as documented in the Datasheet (use 36V maximum with the latest megaboard design): PoE: 12v ~ 36v Passive PoE. 2-Pairs powering pins 4, 5 (+) and pins 7, 8 (-)

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Dear SAN,
Can you please help me to clear my doubts as below

  1. PoE supply works only on WAN port (toward PoE Switch) ?
  2. PoE supply does not work on LAN port (toward USB Cable)?
  3. PoE Passthrough works only on WAN port (toward PoE Switch) ?
  4. PoE passthrough does not work on LAN port (toward USB Cable)?
  5. what happen if PoE switch is On Mode?
  6. do we need any software configuration for board hardware version 1.4.0?
  7. can you please share me any document or link where i get more details of this configurations?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

PoE supply works on both ports with the MegaBoard 1.4

PoE passthrough work on both ports, power comes from one port and goes to the other port. It may even work to both ports when the power enters through the DC barrel.

More information here How the LibreRouter can power another device with POE Passthrough - #10 by Pablo

You should be using revision 1.4.1 and not 1.4.0! 1.4.0 has some issues that were fixed in 1.4.1.
No config needed.

Dear SAN,

are you talking for the software version not hardware? am i correct because we used MegaBoard v1.4.0. hardware.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

I am refering to the hardware version of the following fabrication files:

Sadly because of an error the silkscreen says 1.4.0 in the board but it should be 1.4.1.

Dear SAn,

Can you please provide us the list of changes which you did from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 so we can check from our side and getting more idea.?
FYI : two board were damage at our end during testing and plugin two ethernet cables in LAN and WAN without PoE.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

For example in 1.4 the 3v3 DC power supply used a 6.8uH inductor but in 1.4.1 it is a 4.7uH inductor (L8 part)