QCA9882 chipset based 5 GHz Module Supported Tx99 Firmware

Dear Sir,

We are using the following 5 GHz Module with Dragino libre router.

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    R11e-5HacD Module
    Module Chipset: QCA9882
    Processor: QCA9558

We use the qca9882 mPCI module on libreboard now we want to test the tx99 firmware but this module does not detect on exist firmware.

I need to perform the RF Validations on it and for that required Tx99 firmware which can, supports QCA9882 based module.

Request you to guide me further for the same.

Or Can you please share with us the tx99 firmware source code and suggest modifications regarding the QCA9882?

Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Hi! The QCA9882 uses the ath10k driver but the TX99 is an option of the ath9k driver. I don’t know how to enable continuous transmission with the ath10k driver or if it is even possible or not. Check the linux kernel driver page en:users:drivers:ath10k [Linux Wireless] and its mailing list for support.