RF Tx Power Is getting less on PCI0

Dear All,

We manufacture the librerouter by ourselves. Now we measuring the RF Tx power on the PCI Module(PCI0) but we are getting the 12-14dbm on that instead of 23dbm.
Same 5Ghz PCI module plugs into PCI1 slot and getting proper power dbm on that.

It will be a great help if someone helps us with this.

Thanks in advance.

Nikunj Patel

Hi this is very strange! There is nothing different in PCIE0 respect to PCIE1 in the electric circuit.
In both cases the reported Tx power by iw dev is the same?

Dear SAN,

We Found the reason for country region change.

We need to follow the steps and it’s solved them to change the Indian country.


can you please help us how we default set India region in default image?

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nikunj Patel

Dear SAN,
can you please provide us the suggestion for how we select default IN region in image?