Use the full power of the radios for your country

If the router is not connecting as far as you would expect, it might be the case that you are not using it in the right country code.

Country code defines how much power is the radio allowed to be used. It is based on the laws of each country.

From factory it comes configured with the most restrictive power country code, to make sure you don’t turn it on with too much power accidentally.

While the developers finish the functionality required to configure this over the UI, you can always go and configure it manually. We would recommend to do this config in the first node you set up, it will get spread over the network with each first boot wizard executed. If not, you will have to change it in each node.

In order to do this change, you need to use a terminal emulator and use the ssh command. It goes like this:

$ ssh$ uci set'TZ'$ lime-config$ lime-apply$ reboot

You can check which country code your device is by using:

$ ssh$ iw reg get
country PT: ...

In the commands cited over there you need to replace TZ for the two letter country code of your country.
It might ask you for your password, that will be the one that you set up at the First Boot Wizard.

TODO: Where do we get the list of valid country codes?

Right now there is a bug that will be fixed soon. The full power of the radios is only available in the TZ country code, and there is no Licensed mode to use if you have authorization to use more power in your region.
So, if you want to use all the power of the LibreRouter, set the country code to TZ.