Using 5ghz as access points also controlled by Pirania

I made a new setup today here in our small community network. Now we have:
A) LibreRouter running LibreRouterOS, using Pirania to control access with vouchers, cable connected to WAN port, cable goes to
B) LAN port of LibreRouter running OpenWrt, which connects via WiFi WWAN to the
C) Starlink router.

This is working, but it means that in router A, the two 5ghz radios are idle, and in router B three 2.4ghz radio and one of the 5ghz radios are idle.

I would like to use all those idle radios to serve access points for users, and all that access be with the same SSID, on different channels, and all controlled by Pirania.

I think for router A, where Pirania is running, I should be able to run some uci commands or change a config file, and get the 5ghz radios running as access points. What commands do I need?

For router B, it’s a little more complicated. Maybe I need to make a separate VLAN in it, and connect that VLAN to router A via WiFi as a client, and then generate access points on that same VLAN???

If the “connect to mobile hotspot” function worked, then I could run LibreRouterOS on both routers, but it didn’t work. Even if it did, I would still connect the routers via cable and want to use the 5ghz radios as access points.