Required Technical Support: Conductive Power and Sensitivity Details

I have the following RF-related queries regarding the Dragino Libre Router.

Point 1: Regarding Maximum Conductive Power(5 GHz Radio)

We have received a 3x Dragino Libre Router and thanks for the support.

We have performed Basic RF Validation on the Libre Router and observed that the Maximum Conductive Modulated Output power measured on the spectrum is lower compared to mention in the specification for the WiFi 5GHz Radio with default configuration loaded on the Libre Router.

Please find the following image for more reference regarding our test setup and test results.

Default Configurations of the Libre router after powered on:

Point 2: Regarding Conductive Sensitivity (5 GHz Radio)

Can you please provide us more details regarding the Pass criteria of the Conductive sensitivity test results? exa -83dBm with 1% PER or 10% PER?

We required conductive sensitivity result for the below mode and data rate:

  • 802.11a Mode, 54Mbps

  • 802.11n(40MHz), MCS7

Request you to provide technical support in this regard.


Point 1: Regarding Maximum Conductive Power(5 GHz Radio)

You need to select a country that allows maximum power output. This is already answered here Use the full power of the radios for your country

Point 2 : Regarding Conductive Sensitivity (5 GHz Radio)

The test was done with 10% PER at 802.11a Mode, 6Mbps.

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for the details.

As per your feedback I have configured Libre in TZ Country with monitor mode and measured output power on spectrum with TX99 firmware with maximum power level and still it is around +23.5dBm.

Can you please help me further to get the +27dBm?

Please try other channels, for example 100, 120, etc. Also, use an atennuator in the free port. Also please try another radio, there may be some variations (27dBm ±2dBm)